Retail first case

Sometimes, data quality is just a number. The client in this case, a well-known retailer in the Netherlands, had an overall data quality of 98%. Almost all tags functioned correctly. But the ones that didn’t had quite an impact on the business, especially on the conversion attribution. 

Besides web analytics, many companies also use conversion attribution tools, to determine which campaigns (banners, ads, and emails) lead to a conversion. So did this particular client. They also were aware of their data quality, which was 98%. Not a bad score of course, but the remaining 2% was in a very specific area and had quite an impact. Because after implementing Qmon, we found that the campaign tags were not always set

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Fashion Case

The purpose of Qmon is allowing you to make better data driven decisions. In many cases the insights Qmon delivers are used to take action on improving your online business. But they can also prevent you from carrying out investments that would later be proved unnecessary. Here’s a case in which Qmon saved a client a massive amount of time and labour. 

As the Gartner study Measuring the Business Value of Data Quality stated in 2011, Data quality effects overall labour productivity by as much as 20% and poor data quality is a primary reason for 40% of all business initiatives failing to achieve their targeted benefits. The client in this case is a global fashion brand. Although the maturity of their online business could be considered medium, their data quality was at 93%. They did however have an issue in their web analytics data. Read more

Qmon easy web analytics montitoring

When a data driven company wants to proceed to the next level, there are four crucial factors that make out whether it will be successful or not:

  • Data quality – are your data a correct representation of the truth?
  • Data intelligence – the ability to convert data into knowledge and insights.
  • Data governance – making sure you have a compliant data infrastructure.
  • Data innovation – access to best of breed technology and insights.

Data quality is the foundation of all these aspects. It is essential in order for you to make the right data driven decisions. In practice, it turns out that many decision makers without any doubt assume that the web analytics reports are based on correct data. But is that true? Read more

And when we click the top link for more details, we get the debug information immediately.

In this specific case one of our clients set up a validation on their website to check whether the search events were measured correctly on the search results page. It turned out that some specific URLs caused a JavaScript error. This error was not detected by the tests performed by the IT department. Read more


Qmon is the first monitoring application that can test all data that are being sent to an analytics tool. Contrary to scenario testing, Qmon uses actual visitor behaviour instead of simulated behaviour. And where crawlers often cannot test forms or other important events such as payments, Qmon can. And so, using Qmon ensures online marketeers that the data they analyse are correct. Read more

Qmon easy web analytics montitoring

For many years, the continuous testing of analytics implementations has been a great challenge for analytics experts around the world. The most common way to perform a test on and implementation is to run a test scenario and to check whether the right data are measured for that scenario. For instance, you would put in a test order to check if the chosen products and their price are measured by looking at the data on that specific page. If your findings met the predefined specifications, you would make the assumption that the implementation sends a correct measurement for all situations. Read more