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Qmon easy web analytics montitoring

When a data driven company wants to proceed to the next level, there are four crucial factors that make out whether it will be successful or not:

  • Data quality – are your data a correct representation of the truth?
  • Data intelligence – the ability to convert data into knowledge and insights.
  • Data governance – making sure you have a compliant data infrastructure.
  • Data innovation – access to best of breed technology and insights.

Data quality is the foundation of all these aspects. It is essential in order for you to make the right data driven decisions. In practice, it turns out that many decision makers without any doubt assume that the web analytics reports are based on correct data. But is that true? Read more

Qmon easy web analytics montitoring

For many years, the continuous testing of analytics implementations has been a great challenge for analytics experts around the world. The most common way to perform a test on and implementation is to run a test scenario and to check whether the right data are measured for that scenario. For instance, you would put in a test order to check if the chosen products and their price are measured by looking at the data on that specific page. If your findings met the predefined specifications, you would make the assumption that the implementation sends a correct measurement for all situations. Read more