Finding JavaScript errors with Qmon

In this specific case a validation was set up on one of our clients’ website to check whether the search events were measured correctly on the search results page. It turned out that some specific URLs caused a JavaScript error. This error was not detected by the tests performed by the IT department.

How to locate debugging information in Qmon

The JavaScript error on the search result page caused incorrect measurements, but also affected the user experience which probably influenced the conversion. After the clients got a notification, they entered the Qmon interface to check the debug information.

1. Here’s the main screen where you can click the Search Results validations.


Find JavaScript Errors with Qmon

2. This opens a list of all validations for the Search Results page, with the Search Events validation in the eighth row.


Find JavaScript Errors with Qmon

3. By clicking the unsuccesful validations, you get an overview of all URLs.

The highlighted one at the top is the one our client was after. Qmon provides you with a sense of importance and impact by listing the number of times the error has occurred for that URL.


Find JavaScript Errors with Qmon

4. And when you click the top link for more details, you get the debug information immediately.

This information shows all parameters each request sent to the web analytics tool. If you look closely, you can see that the link name is ‘JavaScript Error’ for the top request. This means a JavaScript Error occurred on the page, causing incorrect measurements of the search event.


And when we click the top link for more details, we get the debug information immediately.

In this case, Qmon not only pointed out that there was a data quality issue, it also helped our client to solve it. Using the debug information, they knew exactly where to look to solve the issue immediately.

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