Free web analytics data quality audit

Web analytics data quality audit

Do you know for sure that you are making the right data driven decisions? Or do you just assume that your web analytics reports are based on correct data?

20% of web analytics data are wrong

Crucial for collecting web data are web analytics tags. These are placed on a website to collect data and send them to a web analytics solution. Based on these data, reports are made. But research actually shows that errors occur in 20% of all web analytics tags, seriously impacting your data quality.

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The impact of poor data quality

Gartner study Measuring the Business Value of Data Quality (2011) concluded that:

  • Poor data quality is a primary reason for 40% of all business initiatives failing to achieve their targeted benefits.
  • Data quality effects overall labour productivity by as much as 20%.
  • As more business processes become automated, data quality becomes the rate limiting factor for overall process quality.


So what are the implications of tagging errors? We have made a list of frequently occurring issues, based on our experiences with our clients:

  • Incorrect attribution of orders and campaigns

To measure the success of your online campaigns, you should have insights in the entire path from an ad to an order. With these data, you can determine which campaigns lead to which orders and make decisions about budgets and optimisation. If these data are wrong, you will often end up investing in the wrong campaigns.

  • Multiple payments to affiliates

If you use affiliates for advertising on the web, incorrectly configured tags can make you pay the wrong party for a click. Double and multiple payments are very common implications of tagging errors.

  • Differences in the number of orders

In practice, it turns out that most companies have a difference of 5 to 25% in the orders in the order management system and those in their web analytics solution. This leads to multiple versions of the truth within your organisation and a mistrust of data.

Free tag audit

Want to see how the status of your web analytics data quality? Sign up for a free web analytics data quality audit with Qmon! This audit contains:

  • Auditing before a release

  • Auditing all orders, browsers, operating systems, devices and tags in your live site

  • Test both tag execution and the data sent to your analytics tool

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You will find that Qmon doesn’t only improve your web analytics. It improves your entire online business, by simplifying data quality, securing your trust in data and creating an actionable and sustainable focus on increasing business value.

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