Do you want to respect the privacy of your website users and ensure your online compliance, e.g. when it comes to placing cookies? Then meet Qgov: the digital analytics governance module that enables you to be compliant to any cookie- or privacy legislation. It also gives the visitors of any website full control of which cookies will get placed on their computer.

Qgov benefits

1 consent for multiple domains

You can ask consent for multiple domains at once; easily get your license to use data for your entire online eco-system.

Real-time accept rate insights

Do you want to know how many people give their consent? Your Qgov dashboard shows you real-time opt-in or opt-out rates for your online eco-system.

Burden of proof registration

The consent choice made by your visitor is registered. Both cookie acceptance and cookie rejection are stored. Download the burden of proof whenever you need it.

No more measuring difficulties

Qgov prevents difficult measuring issues between the pop-up and your marketing tools.

Easy pop-up optimisation

Qgov offers you the opportunity to optimise the ‘pop-up dialogue’ very easily.

Qgov API

Use the Qgov API with your own consent popup, and keep your design flexibility.

Smart feedback loop

By validating the cookies that are set after your visitors give consent, you are 100% compliant; guaranteed.

SiteCatalyst & Google Analytics integration

The consent choice made by your visitor is sent to your web analytics solution. Currently SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics are supported, but other analytics systems can be added on request.


Pop-up settings

Consent- Qgov consentpop-up

Consent rate insights

Consent-Qgov consent rate

What our clients say

Because the pop-up dialogue in our previous consent management solution conflicted with Virtual Website Optimizer we could not perform A/B-testing anymore. By switching to Qgov, we solved this issue. It enables us to collect maximum data within the boundaries of the law.

Dutch Telecom Provider

By optimising the consent dialogue in Qgov, we were able to increase the cookie acceptance rate from 30 to 80%.

Dutch Insurance Company


Which consent constructions does Qgov support?
Qgov by Adversitement supports every possible consent construction:

  • implicit opt-in
  • explicit opt-in
  • opt-out

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