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Qmon is the first monitoring tool that enables you to test 100% of the data that are being sent to your web analytics tool. It is a tag auditing solution designed to measure the quality of an implementation quickly and completely.

Why Qmon?

Many organisations trust on web analytics data to take very important optimisation and budget allocation decisions. But it appears that 20% of all measured data is not correctly sent to the analytics system due to tagging issues. As a result, web analysts, marketers and other data driven decision makers base their decisions on non-optimal or incorrect web data. Of course, this has a substantial negative impact on your website and sales performance. Qmon solves this problem by testing 100% of the data that are being sent to your web analytics tool.

With Qmon tag auditing, you will no longer find yourself bothered by the limitations of scenario and crawler tests. Qmon uses actual user behaviour instead of simulated behaviour and can monitor all critical events like payments and forms. And if Qmon spots an error, you will instantly receive a report with the cause of issue. Sign up for Qmon and enter the age of excellent digital data and truly accurate reports.


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Qmon features

Monitoring 100% of your data
Qmon monitors all the data that are being sent to your web analytics tool. In other words: you are testing the truth.

Testing true behaviour
Contrary to scenario testing, Qmon tag auditing uses actual visitor behaviour instead of simulated behaviour.

All devices and browsers
You can use Qmon with every web analytics tool on the market. Furthermore, it is compatible with all devices and browsers.

Analysing every request
Qmon analyses every request, including forms, payments and all the data crawlers cannot reach.

A single line of code
It only takes a single line of code to integrate Qmon in your website, so there is no extensive implementation process.

Actionable insights
If an error occurs, Qmon will immediately give you specific information about the cause of the error. You will no longer lose time tracking issues.



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For which analytics tools can I use Qmon?
The inventors of Qmon designed the tool to work with all web analytics tools. Currently Google Analytics, Piwik, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Insight and Coremetrics can be delivered out-of-the-box. For support of other tools, please contact the Qmon team.
What is a validation?
A validation is an assesment of a part of the implementation on your website. It’s a check if a specific part of your web analytics data is correct or not, using the parameters set in the validation rule.
How can I manage validation rules?
Validation rules are added instantly by the Qmon team upon your request.
Can I monitor link clicks?
Link clicks can be monitored in Qmon without adding additional scripts to your pages. All your valuable call to actions are safe from now on, being monitored by Qmon in realtime and 24/7.
Which devices can I monitor?
With Qmon, you can control your web analytics data quality for all devices. Qmon works for all devices that can view your website, whether they are made by Apple, Samsung, Sony or any other manufacturer. Qmon offers this unique device-independent monitoring capacity, because it validates every single web analytics request.

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