easy campaign tag management

campaign tag management- Qtag user interface


Online marketers should be able to focus on the performance of their campaigns instead of generating and managing campaign URLs. From now on, you can leave these time consuming  and error-prone activities to Qtag. Qtag is especially developed to manage and automate the creation of campaign tags. This tool guarantees unique but yet easy to recognize tracking codes for every marketing link.

All these codes are automatically uploaded to SiteCatalyst, so say goodbye to massive Excel spreadsheets. Furthermore, Qtag has an easy to understand user interface in which you can create seperate logins and rights for all your colleagues. If needed, you can adjust running campaigns on the fly

Qtag features

Automated classifications
No more manual uploading data to SiteCatalyst. Let Qtag do the work for you.

User management
Create seperate logins and rights for all your colleagues.

Unambiguous data
Automatic use of predefined, easy to recognize formats.

Unique URLs
Always unique tracking codes for every marketing link.

Easy to use
From drop-downs to formula fields. Custom classifications of attributes from one simple interface.

Always in sync
On the fly adjustments to running campaign logic.


Qtag editing template

campaign tag management- Qtag Template

Qtag campaigns

campaign tag management- Qtag Campaigns


Can I only classify campaigns?
Qtag can classify all variables available for classification in SiteCatalyst. This includes the products variable, campaign variable and all custom variables (props and eVars).
What's the pricing?
The pricing for Qtag depends on the amount of entries you use. If you want to learn what the pricing would be for your specific company, just contact us using the contactform below.
How does Qtag work?
The basic use of Qtag consists of 3 simple steps:
1.  Import all campaigns into Qtag with the click of a button
2.  Easily add classifications to the campaigns
3.  Export all variables to SiteCatalyst with the click of a button.
What about the API tokens limit?
Adobe has recently dropped the API tokens limit for SiteCatalyst. Currently, it’s possible to send an infinite amount of requests without charges.

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