Three reasons to improve data quality

In this digital marketing age data driven companies make a difference. But in what state are your data? Poor data quality can be very costly to your company. Here are three reasons why you should attend to improving your data quality.

1. Reduce non-value-added work

The costs of poor data quality are there, but they are often hidden. For instance in non-value-added work. Even if you have a very low overall error rate of 3%, it adds nearly 30% non-value-added costs. So if you spot an error in your data collection in time, you can immediately respond and take action. If you cannot, you will see yourself confronted with a large period of incorrect data, which will lead to wrong decisions and unsatisfied customers. And after that, you still have to fix the error.

2. Make the right decision

If your data quality is more than healthy, you make the best decisions. Your image of your clients’ behaviour on your website is correct and you can attend all your efforts to improving the customer experience even further.

3. Respect user privacy

Of course, data quality can be measured in costs, but how about the privacy of your customers? If you offer your visitors the decision to accept or deny the use of cookies, you have to live up to their choice. Do you have to assume that all data are compliant with their decision? Or do you want to know for sure? If you want to guarantee your users’ privacy, choose Qmon.